LIST OF PROGRAMS OF Data structures


1. wap to implement linear search.

2.wap to implement binary search,

3.wap to implement insertion sort and quick sort.

4.wap to implement matrix addition.

5.wap to insert element before given element in linear linked list.

6.wap to delete  element from the beginning in linear linked list.

7.wap to perform push and pop operations in the stack.

8.wap to implement string concatenation.

9.wap to implement dequeue operation in linear queue.

10. wap to implement enqueue operation in priority queue.

11.wap to implement binary tree traversal.

12wap to implement to insert new node in bst.

13wap to implement shortest path algorithm in graph.

14wap to implemention of inserting new node and deleting of node in graph.




manu dev, Asst. prof. sddiet, barwala
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